Apr 8, 2023

The hobby of scripophily

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Scripophily is the hobby of collecting and studying old stock certificates and other forms of paper securities. The term "scripophily" comes from the Greek words "skripo," meaning to write, and "philos," meaning loving or fond of.

Scripophiles collect these old certificates for their historical and artistic value, as well as for their potential investment value. Many of these certificates are beautifully engraved or lithographed, and they often feature intricate designs, portraits of famous people, and scenes from history or mythology.

In addition to collecting and studying old stock certificates, scripophiles may also research the history of the companies and organizations that issued them, as well as the people who owned and traded them. They may attend auctions and trade shows, read specialized publications, and network with other collectors in order to expand their knowledge and add to their collections.

Scripophily can be a fascinating and rewarding hobby, and it provides a unique window into the history of finance, industry, and commerce.

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