Jan 21, 2021

Scripophily a segment of numismatics

General Foods stock certificate (collectible)
Set of 25 stock certificates collectible in archival  acetate holders with corporate descriptions in an 11"X17" Album


Scripophily a segment of numismatics

Scripophily, the collecting of historical and collectible stocks and bonds, often captures the imagination of numismatists. Many of these certificates have beautiful ornate vignette engravings on them. Just like the history of coins and stamps place their historic mark upon their respective hobbies. So do stock and bond certificates inherently capture the history of Corporations.

Marketers of historical and collectible stocks and bonds sometimes include in their sale descriptions of the history of that corporation’s respective stock or bond certificates. The history may include the date of Incorporation, the products sold by the company, the State in which the corporation was founded, and numerous other tidbits of corporate history. Thus, these stocks and bonds are very collectible by numismatists.

Many of these certificates are exceptionally artistic. All you have to do is own several of these fine collectibles to acquire a habit of collecting them. Maybe you would like to obtain a running start and purchase an extensive collection of 25 stock certificates which paint a clear picture of American corporate history in a young business student's mind.


A TERRIFIC VALUE! Here's what you get... FREE-One Large 11" x 17" Album. Complete Collection of all 25 Stocks. FREE-25 Descriptive Pages with Histories of these Great American Corporations. The collection offers many of the largest and most historic Corporations. It took 20 years to assemble such an impressive collection. Of course, all are graphic, attractive, and in excellent condition. Complete list of all 25 GREAT AMERICAN CORPORATIONS Stocks A&P, AT&T, American Tobacco, Anaconda, B & O Railroad, Bond Stores, Boston & Maine, Calumet & Hecla Consolidated Copper, Faberge, General Foods, General Motors, Gulf State Utilities, Howard Johnson, International Mercantile Marine, ITT, Mississippi River Corp., Pan American World Airways, Pennsylvania Railroad, Phelps Dodge, Sterling Precision, Studebaker-Worthington, Union Pacific, Universal Oil Products, Washington Gas Light, White Motor.

People become collectors of various things either for their artistic beauty or their educational merit. G.I. Coins & Galleries can supply you with these 25 stock certificates with great engravings along with their associated histories at a 10% savings Regular $120. Use Promo code WH1000 and purchase this set for 10% savings at $108, Sales tax and shipping not included.

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Jan 12, 2021

A Complete Collection of "America's Great Corporations" Inv#GC1000A

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Denomination: Assorted
Years: 1910-1980's
Outstanding collection of 100 different corporate stocks and bonds. Many famous companies. Extremely fine or better. Great engravings. A $950. value. Save $100.
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $850.00

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Jan 10, 2021