May 8, 2019

Coin roll hunting group extraordinary in human relations

1854 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime Obv.

1854 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime Rev.
Jeffrey Allard of Rhode Island is the Administrator of the coin roll hunting group on Facebook which focuses its attention on coin collectors who search through rolls of coins from areas of RI, MA, and CT. Mr. Allard especially founded this group to foster a spirit of respect and kindness among its members instead of the unkindness he saw on other coin roll hunting groups. Also, the group's role concentrates on the education of its members in the field of numismatics.

The group offers competitions, contests and meets for its members. Journalist Louis J. Pinga has participated in some of these contests and competitions and won several coins such as an 1854 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime and an 1875 Seated Liberty Dime for inviting new members to the group as well as a 1926-S Standing Liberty Quarter by guessing the hidden date. All members are eligible for the contests and competitions.

 Although membership is restricted to people who coin roll hunt in RI, MA and CT the demographics are quite large. Rhode Island has a population of 1,063,785, Massachusetts 6,093,015 and Connecticut 3,589,182 with a total estimated 2019 Population for these three States of 10,745,982.

  • The biggest challenge a Facebook group in numismatics or the study of the history of money has consists of other interests that the young generations explore. Today gaming, cell phones, tablets, and computers comprise a significant amount of time for young generations. The Coin Roll Hunting Group RI, MA, CT offers many of those outlets through the use of technology while bringing practicality in terms of a hands-on approach for coin collectors to learn and prosper.

If you are from Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut Jeffrey Allard would like for you to consider joining the Coin Roll Hunting Group for which he administers. It's a great family-oriented hobby and a good way to study history as well.

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