Nov 21, 2020

Thanksgiving a time to give thanks

Photo credit: JP Valery on Unsplash
Photo Credit: Gabriel Garcia on Unsplash

Firstly, I would like to give thanks to my maker, God the Father who continues to bless me daily. There are numerous people who helped me along the way this year in many ways. Sometimes it can be as simple as a word of encouragement, a kind word, an expression of unconditional love, or sincere appreciation for the service that I provided as a Freelance Journalist, G.I. Coins & Galleries.

I was rewarded beyond my expectations by my friends, family, and customers for being there when I needed them.

A Sincere Thank You to the following people. My thoughts and prayers are forthcoming for you.

Lance Schweiter
Jeff Bodenstab, Score Mentor
Arthur Plitt
John Gracci
Braza Restaurant
Joanna Pinga
Melissa & Joshua Gilman
Brenda Pinga
Micheal Pinga
Joe Pinga
Nicole Pinga
Michaella Pinga
Dwight Colvin
Jack Lancellotta
Claire Stadtmueller
Edward Petrarca
Danny Agabiti
Gary Babcock
Gail  G.
Paul C.
Darlene S.
Debby C.
John L.
Charlie E.
Donna B.
Donna T.
Janet C.
Peter Jon S.
Patty S. and Hannah B.
Nikki P.
Ann-Marie W.
Gary T.
American Numismatic Association
North American Collectors Association
Ship and Insure
Facebook Friends
My Linkedin connections
Many Catholic Priests 
St. John and Paul Parish, Coventry RI

May you all enjoy your Thanksgiving day meal and the time you spend with friends or family.
For those of you social distancing during this holiday season, let us look forward with hope and the return to normalcy once we are able to beat Covid-19.

My prayers are sent forth to you all as well as our service personnel and Troops who provide essential services to numerous individuals throughout the USA and abroad.

 Happy Thanksgiving!
Louis J. Pinga ©