Jan 13, 2020

How to learn about collectible coins stress free

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Discipline never seems enjoyable at first but after practicing for a long time it produces an abundant harvest. Even though coin collecting is a hobby like anything else in order to become knowledgeable about the hobby without a lot of stress you need to spend time learning creatively. How you spend your time learning determines how much enjoyment received from it.

Stress-free ways to learn.

1. Coin collecting is a family-oriented hobby. It's especially interesting and enjoyable to explore the historic events related to the date and information minted onto the coin. Some parents do research about the dates on coins and the history related to the date in which they were minted and share the information with their children. Ideas: rent a costume and dress up like George Washington or go to a museum such as the Nathaniel Green Homestead in Coventry, RI, the admission is $8 and goes to preserve the property.

2. Join or start a coin club. Coin clubs are good ways to find like-minded individuals looking to share their knowledge and expertise. Many coin clubs provide for social interaction in a safe place. Sometimes members buy and sell coins at clubs.

3. Join a Facebook Group on the topic of coins. These groups are an excellent way to find information pertaining to coins. Feel free to post an image of a coin you might have found in circulation or had in your collection for a number of years. The Admins of these groups are very helpful.

4. Close friends with a similar interest. Friends who share the same hobby have a unique type of social interaction in that not only do they enjoy conversation together, their similar interests fosters a spirit of a labor of love in terms of learning. Two or more friends bounce information off of each other develops the field of knowledge among friends.

5. Numismatic Books and book clubs. Numismatic books are good reference guides for the coin collector. But what if you formed a book club related to numismatic books. I understand many people like to maintain privacy regarding their hobby of coin collecting. However, the growing number of coin forums allows for privacy and discussion even about topics such as numismatic books. I would like to see the idea of numismatic book clubs take off in the coin forum arenas. 

6. Join Coin Collector Forums. The American Numismatic Association, the largest coin club has a forum. Coin Community Family is another good one. These forums are only helpful if you participate it requires more than creating a user name and password to learn. 

7. Watch Youtube videos on the topic. Youtube videos are an excellent way to broaden your knowledge about collectible coins. Especially when you can watch Youtube on your television while relaxing on your recliner.

Whatever way you decide to broaden your numismatic knowledge make it into a fun-spirited memorable event.

If you are looking for an outlet from a stressful environment feel free to escape into the realm of practicing these collecting learning techniques.

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