Apr 3, 2022

Pope Francis and the Vatican bank has the power to end all war on earth


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Pope Francis and the Vatican bank has the power to end all war on earth

The world's bankers want a one-world government otherwise known as a Socialist New World Order. Bankers run the world, they like war because it is the best way to create new credit. The Vatican has the power to stop all war on earth by flexing its financial might over the world financiers. This includes the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. The Rothschilds control 120 central banks around the world their network of criminal politics has No-Limits.

Sound familiar China and Russia signed a No-Limits cooperation agreement recently during the Olympics. Russia was told by China not to invade Ukraine until after the completion of the Olympics. If you go on Youtube you can watch a video titled Everything is the rich man's trick from JFK to 911. 

National Socialism and Democratic Socialism are words with hidden meanings respectively embracing the political ideologies of Fascism and Communism. At the root of these ideologies is the unfair banking system which charges interest on money aiming to enslave the world under a one-world government and usher in the New World Order.

These ideologies are addicted to the expansion of the money supply by heaping alleged debt on individuals, businesses, and governments around the world through impulses in a computer. They call the exchange of payment for goods and services money. It is far from money. The banknotes that you carry in your pocket are fiat currency with no intrinsic value. The United States Constitution defines payment of money by weight (appensura) as opposed to by count (credit). The whole financial system is designed to defraud the majority of wealth.

To reiterate bankers like war since the best way to expand credit is to start a war. Take for example the war in Ukraine they call this a Proxy war. The United States and Russia are in a subversive covert "Hot War." As opposed to the "Cold War" that we were used to prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Regardless of who wins the people lose. Unless something is done to reform finance throughout the world. Whether Ukraine wins or Russia we still will be entrenched in the financial-industrial establishments' system of credit and paying for goods and services with fiat currency. 

The United States Constitution defines money as coins by weight minted from gold, silver, copper, or brass. Ever wonder why the Vatican buys lots of gold in millions of ounces at a time and owns more real estate than any corporation on earth. The Vatican knows that the Mandrakian financial system has been built on a house of cards. The banker like a Master Magician deceives and seduces people, businesses, and governments into heaping alleged debt. His sleight of hand is so difficult to perceive that very few understand its effect.

In fact, John Maynard Keynes once stated, "Only one person in a million can diagnose the impact of compound interest." Albert Einstein once said, "Compound interest is probably the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it. He who doesn't pays it."

Whether Capitalism or Communism wins this proxy war in Ukraine the people still lose unless something is done about how the financial system is run. How can the financial system be reformed? 

Finance needs to be rooted in equity rather than debt. We owe more than we own. How is that possible? What we owe are numbers generated by computers through a bleep or impulse which are phantom-based and lack reality. Hence the reason the Vatican heavily invests in gold and real estate.

Seeing as though the Vatican is heavily invested in real assets as well as wielding immense power in the financial community only they can end all war by reforming finance.

The first-century Christians collected all of their assets and divided them equally. This was the first kind of communism that existed and this had more to do with the fact that this form of communism was spelled with a small c. Some people are deceived into thinking that Capitalism is evil. There is nothing wrong with owning assets and making investments. Only a moron would think otherwise. The problem with our financial system is that it is rigged in favor of the bankers and the elite rich.

Let this sink in for a moment. In England about 1350 a.d. interest on money was against the law at that time people worked 13 to 14 weeks a year to support their families. They had 250 holidays. Hugh Cathedrals were built with great architectural feats using primarily volunteer labor by apprentices seeking to learn new building skills. Nobody is able to replicate the great architectural works of this period. The so-called "Dark ages" were very robust times for those people who enjoyed all the vagaries of life.

Write a letter to the Vatican requesting that they wield their financial power to resolve most of the problems on earth.

Know the Vatican mailing address. If you plan to send your letter by traditional mail, you should write the address on the envelope as His Holiness, Pope Francis / Apostolic Palace / 00120 Vatican City.[3]

Note that you should separate the address onto separate lines according to the placements of the slashes, /.
Other ways to write the same address include:
His Holiness, Pope Francis PP. / 00120 Via del Pellegrino / Citta del Vaticano
His Holiness Pope Francis / Apostolic Palace / Vatican City
His Holiness Pope Francis / Vatican City State, 00120
Do not write "Italy" on the envelope as the country. The Vatican is considered its own independent nation, completely separate from Italy.

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