Oct 11, 2019

Passing on the tradition of coin collecting

" Photo Credit: Courtesy and used with permission PCGS, Professional Coin Grading Service and 1893 Isabella Quarter MS 68+"

 You've had your coin collection for a long time quite possibly for decades. Some older folk try to pass on the tradition of collecting coins to their families only to discover their interests differ from them. Some younger folk like fast cars or motorcycles whiles others are interested in computers, gaming, cell phones, and tablets. It isn't to difficult to see the influence computers and the Internet have had on younger generations.

Take for example coin collecting what a wonderful hobby to have as a youngster or adult. Some collect coins for their artistic characteristics. There is nothing like looking at a Gem Brilliant Uncirculated coin under a magnifying glass. Others collect coins with the hope of appreciation in value over time.

Intuitively, when Pope John Paul II looked under a magnifying glass at the description of the miracle in a book which was performed through the life of Saint Padre Pio during his Canonization. Now looking at coins with that magnifying glass any coin collector would consider that cool.

You really need to have enthusiasm for this hobby to be able to pass it on to others. One way would be to share history to your family by collecting Commemorative coins. Commemorative coins have come down in value from their high in the early '80s. Now is a good time to buy some of these rich in history coins. Another way to share history is to define the meanings of Liberty, In God We Trust and E Pluribus Unum to a family member which is on most old and modern coins alike.

Sharing your passion for this hobby provides an experience unlike many. This hobby is both a passive and an active hobby. You make of it what you desire and sharing creates feelings of satisfaction as well.

Start by passing this tradition onto someone looking to pass time or become active in a hobby known as the King of hobbies.

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