Feb 7, 2021

Butterflies out of an ATM

Photo credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash
What is Usury? What does the bible say?

Butterflies out of an ATM

   The money man oppresses you.  

He heaps alleged debt upon you.

You spin into a tizzy as you sell off your future labor.

Your mind falls into depression as your funds dry up.

As you seek opportunities to catapult you into solvency.

Only heaping more alleged debt for every failed opportunity.

Your banker puts his ATM card in the machine and cash is dispensed.

As you put your ATM card in the machine butterflies fly out.

 Your banker revoked your credit.

Your knees are soiled with dirt.

Your tramp stamp is put on the map.

You think the lotto will save you.

What you need is a metamorphosis.

A total transformation.

Base all your transactions on a cash basis.

So that butterflies never haunt you again.


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In England about 1350 a.d. interest on money was against the law. People worked only 13 to 14 weeks a year to support their families. They had 250 holidays at that time.


People donated their labor to the Church became apprentices to learn new building skills. Hugh cathedrals with great architectural feats were built that could not be built today. Call 877.492.6467 or 877.49Coins. Louis
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A Financial Poem by Louis J. Pinga ©

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