Mar 20, 2019

Old Marconi like Ham Radio for Sale

Receive a 10% discount when using promo code WH1000 for prints and scripophily go to the link above and enter the promo code upon checkout.

Vintage Ham Radio with RCA vacuum tubes Circa the Early 20th Century. Sales price $2000 willing to trade for Spot Price on US 90% Silver coins dated 1964 or before. Provenance was formerly owned by a Vietnam Veteran Joe Aguiar who used to live in West Warwick, RI. Joe Aguiar was awarded a Presidential Medal from Johnson. The Ham radio was built by his grandfather who was born in 1890 and passed in 1992.

Conversation piece only - the radio doesn't work. The radio would make a nice display with the Marconi set of prints and stock certificate above, not included. Marconi's radio transmitted the signal of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

No Shipping Local pick-up is only in Coventry, Rhode Island
 Cash, Trade, or Paypal, subject to prior sale no returns. Call  877.492.6467, and ask for Louis.

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